Contemporary Dance - The Cube

Through the unique medium of body, the lens is focused at the individuals, who are hustling in the diverse metropolis - Shanghai, and tries to explore the relationship between these individuals and the space. Living in such a city, everyone is subject to tangible or intangible constraints. In this work, the real society is scaled down to a miniature. The model and device constructed on the stage represent and symbolize the relationship between the individual and the society as well as between the body and the space. The work intends to discovery the alien aesthetics hidden in the human body, the tenacious vitality of the human beings in a limited space, and the inner momentum generated through resistance against the space. Du YanhaoDu Yanhao, who lives in Shanghai now, youth director and performance artist. Co opera troupes include: Shiki Theatre Company, New Zealand Black Grace Dance Company, New Zealand Footnote Dance Company, Scotland Janis Claxton Dance Company, Beijing LDTX Dance Company, Shanghai Xie Xin Dance Theatre, Punchdrunk International, SMG Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group, D.Lab Dance, Ear Childrens Theatre. He has cooperated with the top artists of the world include: Asari Keita, Kato Keiji, Sang Jijia, Ma Bo, Li Hanzhong, Liu Bin, Zi Wei, Wang Jianjun, Hu Songwei, Wang Jianhui, Jiri Kylian, Paul Taylor, Malia Johnston, Janis Claxton, Neil leremia, Sarah Foster, Eyal Dadon, Taane Mate, Tairoa Royal, Raewyr Hill and so on. He has visited more than 20 countries for the exchange of art festivals. Performances are involved in dance theatres, musicals, dramas, dance videos, cross boundary cooperation and other fields. Musical and drama experience: the British Punchdrunk made the invading drama "Sleep No More" presented by SMG LIVE of Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group. Andrew Lloyd Webber composes the Japanese and Chinese versions of the musical CATS Japanese dramatist Asari Keita wrote and directed the musical Ri Koran. Main works: Newtons Cradle Of Flesh And Bone, Doll, Two Person Structure and so on.

Dance 2018

The Experiencing in the Bai Great Volume Songs Opera : The Mandarin Duck

Bai Dabenqu is a kind of folk rap art in Dali Bai area of Yunnan Province. It matured in Ming Dynasty and gradually lost its original stage because of a single artistic style. "Yuanyang Lu" combines the non-mate-rial cultural heritage of the Bai nationality Dabenqu with modern drama, body drama and modern puppet drama, and carries out experimental innovations in the text and performance style of the original repertoire. The Bai Dabenqu has been changed from "telling stories by rap" to "performing stories by singing and dancing" without stages. lt is expected that the Bai Dabenqu will cross the language gap by artistic means so as to realize the cultural transformation that adapts to history and retains its own characteristics in the new era. Yang YunyiYang Yunyi, the producer, director, scriptwriter and the protagonist of the drama "The Mandarin Ducks". Graduated from the Performance Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy as a full-time Master of Arts. Member of the Shanghai Recitation Association. During the studying in the Shanghai Theatre Academy, she won the "First-Class Scholarship" for many times and was awarded the "Outstanding Graduate of Shanghai Theatre Academy". In 2012, she won the national scholarship. In 2017, she won the "Gold Award" in the dubbing group of the Nanjing Xiaqing region "Xiaqing Cup" Recitation Competition. She always adheres to the combination of theory and practice, and has ever taught performances and lines in many universities in Shanghai with good literary accomplishment and professionalism. She participated in many stage plays in Shanghai, and the representing works are as follows: The Flower is Scheduled, Old-fashioned Comedy, The Memories of the Bats, The Wild Swan, The Phantom of the Castle, Youth Inn, The Last Moment, The Comedy of the Mouse, A Streetcar Named Desire and The Court Truth and so on. The works of poetry recitation are as follows: The Dream of Emigrants The Chinese Dream in the large-scale literary evening 2017 the Night of the Emigrants, and My Song in the large-scale recital concert YouthChina.

Drama 2018

Monodrama - The Old Man and the Sea

The work is based on The Old Man and the Sea, one of the most famous novel of E. M. Hemingway. The suppositive way and the realistic style used by it shapes the collision and fusion between Chinese culture and the Western. Its stylization, virtuality, minimalism and form sense are the basic principles that have formed the work. What performs in the stage is a recreation of the work with the elements of traditional Chinese theatrical art. The combination of traditional impressionism and modern realism in the field of drama shortens the mental distance between stage and audience and also creates a special experience in both real life and art performance for the audience. Ma XiaoAt the age of 9, MA Xiao started practicing Peking Opera and specialized in male martial arts roles. He has performed kabuki drama New Three Kingdom in Japan for 300 performances over the span of three years. At 19, he attended the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts majoring in Drama. After graduation, he became an instructor at the academy and directed an experimental Peking Opera version of "Romeo and Juliet" and devised performance of Russian poet Konstantin Simonovs "Wait For Me". In the past 10 years, Ma has developed his own artistic style through acting, directing, script-writing, and continuously researching new ways to fuse traditional Chinese Opera with drama. At the same time, under the mentorship of Zhang Jiasheng, Ma studied audio language. He published several articles from his research and brought Chinese opera, drama and speech programs to local primary and secondary schools.

Drama 2018