Neoclassic Electronic Music - Day and Night

Day and Night is an electronic neo-classic music piece with multimedia and installation recomposed from the 24 Preludes, Op.28 by Chopin 24 motives taken from each of the 24 preludes carefully weaved into 24 minutes of blasting enjoyment. Discarding the original composing technique and inner structure of Chopins work, Day and Night follows the shifting time within one day. Starting from the midnight to dawn, noon, afternoon, dusk and coming back to the end of the day, the work will take you through the evolvement of modern music in the 21st century. Song SihengSong Siheng started to study piano when he was 3, then he went to Shanghai Concervatory until 20-years-old. After moving to Paris, he entered the Conservatoire de Pairs and began collecting many definitive prizes, such as Leeds, Dublin, and most importantly, the Grand Prize at the 2004 Long-Thibaud Piano Concours, making him the first Chinese to win this prestige competition. Since his victory in Paris, Song Siheng has toured extensively, working with Halle Orchestra, Radio philharmonic de Frace, Vienna radio symphony orchestra, Orchestra de Swiss Romande, New Japan philharmonic and so on. He is also the creator of Multimedia piano recital, making such as In search of Haruki Murakami, Blue, Chopin-Love, the 80s. He is also one of the youngest jury member of the international piano competition. B6LOU Nanli, best known by his stage name B6, is a multi-talented Electronic music pioneer, DJ, renowned designer, video and multi-media artist. He has started creating electronic music and sound art since 1999. His music works are critically acclaimed, such as B6 Box, Post Haze, My Post-Rock Yard and so on. He has been interviewed and featured by many renowned TV programs and magazines.

Music 2015

Multi-media Theatre - Hear the Way in the Morning

Is there some kind of emotional mood, which is shaking our faith and is going to destroy our mutual spiritual home? Is there some kind of extending culture, which will let us become completely irrational and will wreck the life that we painstakingly built up? Maybe there is no answer in the end; maybe everything is outside of the plan. Hear the Way in the Morning shows a brand new method of how we express ourselves on stage. The director rebuilt the relationship between audience and the theatre. The daily life of every audience and the play itself will combine with each other, and this connection is the most important part in this show. Ma JunfengMA Junfeng is a director in Shanghai Theatre Academy. He received a BFA in professional performance in Shenzhen University. He furthered his study at Shanghai Theatre Academy, where he received an MFA in directing. His recent works includes: Big Coffin Tiny Hole, That Guy, Love Debris of Shakespeares Work, Flowers of Evil, Descendants of the Eunuch Admiral, Richard III, Nothing and many other plays. His works were performed in Shanghai International Arts Festival, Beijing Fringe Festival, Shanghai International Experimental Theatre Festival, Macao City Fringe Festival, Shenzhen Fringe Festival and Singapore Chinese Theatre Festival. Wang LifuWang Lifu has been the leading singer and producer of The Samans since its establishment in 2006. He wrote the lyrics and songs and did the post-production for all four albums of the band. He also did scores for many TV programs including CCTV documentaries Guonian and Chinese Life 2015, and composed songs for The Voice of China Season 3. His band played an important role in many grand music festivals in China, such as Beijing Midi Music Festival 2014.He is the winner of Abilu.

Music 2015

Oratorio - Rubbish on the Square

In the morning of October 1st 2013, the National Day of China, lakh of people from allover the country came to Tiananmen Square watching flag-raising ceremony in the rain. After the ceremony, about 5 tons of rubbish was left on the square. This situation was published on the website and became the hot topic nationwide. Oratorio "Rubbish on the Square is based on this event. lt is performed by 5soloists, mix chorus and a piano. The work not only shows the inflexion of the debate, but also describes lots of famous or nameless opinion leaders and central figures. The composer wants to call attentions to the "mob phenomenon - out of sense when flocking together through this work, at the same time he wants people to protect the environment and love our country rationally. Wen ZhanliWen Zhanli, is a composer living in Beijing. He was admitted to the composition department of China Conservatory in 1999 and studied composition with prof. WANG Ning. In 2006 he studied at Darmstadt International Summer Courses for Modern Music in Germany. In 2010, WEN attained doctors degree in China Conservatory and became a teacher there. From 2013 to 2015, he studied and was admitted to the sociology in Renmin University of China. ln 2015, he was selected in the first batch of Talent Pool of Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Artists of Beijing by Federation of Literary and Art Circles. WENs music has a variety of styles and genres. Many of his works were selected and premiered in national and international concerts and music festivals, some of them were recorded in the CD which was published and released in China and Europe. His works won the prize of music composition many times which is a governmental award conferred by the Ministry of Culture and Federation of Literary and Art Circle in China.

Music 2015

Symphony - Five Actions of Wu Kong

The Monkey King embodies many contradictions, he was given the Buddhist name "Wu Kong(mneaning "to realize the void of senses"), he was doomed to a fate of struggling and fighting for freedom. We always say that deep in every Chinese soul, there lives a Monkey King, fighting for freedom as we define it ourselves, during our lifetime. The work Five Actions of Wu Kong reflects ones inner ambivalence, when it comes to freedom, fate and lifes journey. The five actions are constructed using a Chinese theatrical approach to tension and relaxation. The titles are as follows: Lento - the Purple Forest of Spirits; Presto - "There is a young lady on the road ahead!"; Andante - Monolog in the Moonlight; Largo - "Wear this metal head hoop, and you will be free"; Allegro - Eternal Battle Symphony Ochestra. Zhou JuanA native of Sichuan, grew up in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China, Zhou Juan graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music (BA and MA) and University of Missouri - Kansas City (DMA). She is associate professor in music composition at the Central Conservatory. She was awarded the China Music Golden Bell Award,17th and 18th National Music Composition Award, ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award, GEDOK Fuch-Award", and Staunton Music Festival Emerging Composer Award. She received commissions and has worked with China National Centre for the Performing Arts, Korean Traditional Arts Foundation, Beijing Peoples Art Theatre, Chongqing Peking Opera House, Chengdu Peking Opera Research Center, Alarm Will Sound, Nieuw Ensemble, Kansas City Chorale, Mizzou New Music Summer Festival, New Dramatists Composer-Librettist Studio, Virginia Arts Festival, Bachfest Leipzig, and Nelson-Atkins Museum of Arts. Her major works include End of the Earth (orchestra), Far Far Away (orchestra), Before Curtain!(symphonic band), My Spiritual Garden (Uygur artists and chamber orchestra), Wu Kong (opera), Fate Makes a Choice (music theater), Golden Lock (Peking Opera incidental music), Sing by the River Flower (Peking Opera incidental music), Oedipus the King (musical play), Love Cantata, Wind (chorus a cappella), Second Language (jazz mixed combo) Water Your Memory (jazz band), Ming (large ensemble), Say "Bye"(large ensemble), Cycle of Life (song cycle), two string quartets, and many chamber works.

Music 2015

Dance Theatre - Farewell My Concubine

The King Disarmed is a classic solo piece played by Chinese traditional instrument Pipa. Based on the historical story of Chu-Han combat in ancient China, this music piece tells of the tragic suicide of King Xiang at the back of the Wu River as he was struck by the eventual defeat at the Battle of Gaixia. Farewell, my Concubine is a dance theatre adapted from the King Disarmed. The theatre unfolds an unlinear historical narrative as Yu Jis phantom is accidently awakened by Pipa performer Tang Xiaofengs pipa music. The theatre presents a dialogue between the ancient and the contemporary, man and female, the identity and the ego, time and space. Ma TaoMa Tao is currently the resident choreographer of the Shanghai Opera House. Graduated from the Department of Choreography at Beijing Dance Academy, Ma won many national and regional prizes in choreographing. Among which there were the second prize of the 8th National Dance Competition, and the golden medal in the 2012 East China Professional Dance Competition. His major works include Mulan (with Graeme Murphy and the Sydney Dance Company), Twelve Beauties of Jin Ling, The Champagne, Zhou Xuan and dance works Night Alley, Rain of the Fortress Besieged. Hes also involved in many cross-genre productions. Tang XiaofengTang Xiaofeng, Pipa soloist of Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, one of the best young musicians of traditional folk instrument in China now. Graduating from the Central Conservatory of Music, Tang accomplished his master degree on Pipa performance under the guidance of Pipa master Prof. Zhang Qiang. He is the silver prize winner of the 2011 China Golden Bell Award. Tang is dedicated to infusing up-to-dated elements into the contemporary interpretation of traditional folk music.

Dance 2015

Contemporary Dance - Between N39° and N40°

Between N39° and N49° is a work discussing "distance". Over the years, the choreographer travels back and forth between New York and Beijing, which are located between 39 and 40 degrees north latitude, but across the Pacific Ocean with thousands of miles apart. The physical distance is unchangeable. People come and go, meet and part. The distance of time cannot be changed either. Night and day, darkness and dawn. The river of memory is mixed with the aroma of coffee and sunshine on the streets. Illusions rise from the harshest reality: between 39 and 40 degrees north latitude, what could never be changed is the distance between souls. Lu YahuiLu Yahui is an independent choreographer and dancer. From 2004 to 2012, she worked with Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Beijing Dance Theatre, and Hou Ying Dance Theatre. She also worked with many renowned international artists including Sang Jijia, Zhang Xiaoxiong, Margaret Jenkins, Wang Yuanyuan, Hou Ying, and toured to international arts festivals at more than twenty countries. As a young choreographer, her works include Nineteen Floors Underground, Drowning, Walk Gracefully Once, etc. She relocated to New York in 2013 and has since worked with many choreographers and dance companies, and participated performance projects at Columbia University and New York University. She returned to China in 2015 to create her new work "Face to Face", which was invited to participate the 32nd Annual Shanghai Spring International Music Festival.

Dance 2015

Dance Theatre - Painted Skin

Painted Skin is one of the best stories from Strange Stories From a Chinese Studio. It satirizes the way in which people are adept at "painting skins" for themselves, dressing themselves up with an appealing exterior while hiding a debased soul within. This performance seeks a less-travelled path at the same time while taking the story back to its essence. The wife is cast as the main character as well as the malicious ghost, both played by the same male actor. The malicious ghost is borne out of the turns of the wifes mind: her lack of faith gives rise to the ghost that tormented her husband, and her repentance is also capable of bringing her husband back from the dead. This symbolic deconstruction of the story makes the performance a novel visual experience and creates endless possibilities for imagination. Is the good wife a malicious ghost, or vice versa? This structure, akin to an optical illusion that switches back and forth, conveys the essence of the work and the Eastern concept of beauty. Yang HailongGraduated from College of Dance, Minzu University of China, Yang Hailong is now Executive Art Director of Beijing 9 Dance Theatre. He used to work as a main dancer in Beijing Dance Drama & Opera and Beijing Dance Theatre. Yang has been engaged in choreography in recent years and to Germany, Japan, France and the Netherlands for cultural exchanges and performances. Yangs masterworks include Salome, Ashes Rebirth, The Tea Spell and The Remaking of Humanity. Ashes Rebirth was nominated for the Special Award by the Jury of the Second Denny Award in Beijing for International Excellence in Theatrical Arts and won the Golden Award of the Qunxing Award on the 10th China Art Festival. The dance drama also received the subsidy for the performing arts from Beijing Cultural Bureau.

Dance 2015

Dance Theatre - The Moon Opera

This performance is an adaptation of the most famous novel from the Asian Book Award winner Bi Feiyu. It takes a piercing look into the world of Chinese opera and its female stars. In a fit of diva jealousy, Xiao Yanqiu, star of The Moon Opera, disfigures her understudy with boiling water. Spurned by the troupe, she turns to teaching. Twenty years later, a rich cigarette-factory boss offers to underwrite a restaging of the cursed opera, but only on the condition that Xiao Yanqiu returns to the role of Change. So she does, this time believing she has fully become the immortal moon goddess. Set against the drama, intrigue, jealousy, retribution, and redemption of backstage Peking opera. The Moon Opera is a stunning portrait of women in a world that simultaneously reveres and restricts them. (Supported by 2014 China National Art Fund) Wang YabinDancer, choreographer and actress, Artistic Director of Yabin Dance Company (Yabin Studio), Yabin also has won golden awards in many key national dance competitions, and has been starring in several popular TV series in China. As dancer, choreographer and producer, she creates productions with an international perspective. Works she created in which she was also principle dancer won raves from media and audiences around the world. She was recognized as "one of the most important dancers in Asia" by Knack Focus. "She has a background in Chinese classical dance but has also worked to bring more contemporary dance to China, and headlines an annual programme of creations, Yabin and her Friends...Her performance gives us Chinese and contemporary dance as yin and yang…" by Financial Times. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung commented her "Yabin Wang presented an incredible dance in a soothing rhythm; her flexible, flowing and energetic movements were fascinating." In 2013 Yabin Studio commissioned Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and production the new piece "Genesis". In 2014, Tamara Rojo, Artistic Director of the English National Ballet has invited Yabin Wang to choreograph a dance work for a new production by English National Ballet dedicated to female choreographers entitled "She Said". The performance will be premiered at Sadlers Wells in April, 2016.

Dance 2015

Multi-media Installation Theatre - Star

Star is an experimental artistic work which discusses the art inheritance. When we look up to the sky and watch the numerous stars, it is hard to imagine that the light of star has already gone through hundred millions of light years. That brightest star we can see now may have long gone. How about the dissemination of arts? Those maestros whom we adore today have already passed away; while their works are just as bright as the stars, which attract future generations to study and explore. The world without the works of these maestros is just like the pitch-dark universe without the light of stars. In the work, we take light as the carrier. With the combination of music, dance and image, we convey our enthusiasm and insistence to art to the audience from the bottom of our heart. Li HongyeGraduating from the Shanghai Theatre Academy stage art film and television lighting design, Li now works in the performing arts centre of Shanghai theatre academy. She has been engaged in lighting design for 7 years, and has been keen on lighting design of the industry, hoping to have more breakthroughs. Her design has been awarded the 2011 Annual Academy Award of Chinese Academy of fine arts, Shanghai Institute of fine arts of the stage of the design award, as well as the gold medal of Chinese Dance lotus award. Guo JinxinMulti-media and technical Director. GUO Jinxin is a teacher of Shanghai Theatre Academy. 14 years Stage design, Lighting, multi-media art experience. Deign for more than 30 theatres, events and art exhibitions. He graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy, stage design department in 2004, and finished his master degree of fine arts in 2014. Some of his important awards include Shanghai Stage Art Academic Award, China Drama Award-Stage Design Award and Chinese Contemporary dance Award-Stage Design Award.

Visual Arts 2015