Immersive Percussion Theater - Moon Side

Thoughts flash in an instant, day turns to night. All things reincarnate as the seasons take turns. From the perspective of "the life experience of a seed", A Day engages the audience in a philosophical conversation about the unity of opposites to express "a moment and eternity" and pursue the days twelve flowing segments of time - in order to penetrate the mysterious, liminal nature of things: between daybreak and twilight, wilting and growth, joy and sorrow. In terms of composition, Moon Side combines traditional elements of Chinese music and the creative approach of French spectral music to create a unique dialogue that breaks the boundaries of space and time, in which percussive beats speak to the friction of strings. Simultaneously, digital media merges the unreal into reality, harmonizing movement and stillness, synchronizing lights and shadow, immersing the audience between "moment" and "eternity".Conceptual Photography Shanghai Lixia Culture and Art Development Co., Ltd. Wang MengComposer Wang Meng is an alumni of the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing for her Bachelors Degree, mentored by professor Wenchen Qin, the Vice President of CCOM. She earned her Masters Degree at Manhattan School of Music, studied with Dr. Reiko Fting. Wang is currently pursuing her Doctoral Degree in composition at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) under the guidance of Dr. Douglas Knehans. She has also received instructions from composer Derek Bermel, Andreia Pinto Correia, Pierre Jalbert, and Kaija Saariaho. Wang is described as "methodically expanding the initial texture to create a kaleidoscopic range of orchestral colors," and "shaping amorphous cosmic a grippingly harmoniously manner" (Schmopera). Her music has been performed by many notable orchestras and ensembles, including Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Brussels Philharmonic, Columbus Symphony, Jacksonville Symphony, American Composers Orchestra, Cabrillo Festival Orchestra; Aspen Contemporary Ensemble, Thin Edge New Music Collective, Long Leash Trio, F- Plus Ensemble, among many others. Wangs music was programmed at the Aspen Music Festival, Cabrillo Music Festival, Bowdoin International Music Festival, ACO EarShot readings, and Beijing Modern Music Festival. She was also invited to Grafenegg Festival (Austria) Ink Still Wet Composer Conductor Workshop and [tactus] International Young Composers Forum in Belgium. In 2019, she started the chamber project dominated with percussions named Moon-Faced Buddha, which had its premiere on Shanghai Symphony Orchestra in-Chamber concert series.

Music 2021

Contemporary Dance - Touch

"Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence... and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content." Hellen Keller"Touch" is a physical caress, as well as a work of empathy. It represents the proactive behavior and responsive emotions of a person. It consists of weight, temperature, perception - an act of liveliness. "Shadow" is the other side of Light, the line drawn between the bright and dark, the defects and the regrettable. It is the hidden corner within a human heart - private and without temperature, silent and dappled - yet buried deep down is its own beauty and sensitivity. Under the dusk sky and oblique rays of sunset, the citys shadows layer upon one another. A beam of light escapes into darkness, bringing to sight selves hidden under obscurity and crowds darting between lights. A life overshadowed by the significant event and this exact moment, shrouded by an inexplicable burden, is perceived. This performance employs real-time non-standard fixed-point motion capture technology developed by ShanghaiTech University, enabling virtual images and dancers to illuminate and perform alongside each other. Virtual images are metaphorical of self-projection and visual memories of individuals, which in turn serves to present the interwoven yet confrontational relationship between physical bodies and a virtual reality. The performance will break free of time and space, challenge boundaries of illusion versus reality, and explore the new form of artistic performance as well as its relationship with viewers. MiaGraduated with degree in Dance Choreography from Shanghai Theatre Academy,the member of Shanghai Dancers Association, Level 2 Teacher; Principal of Slipper Project. 2019 Guest Performer at If There were Only Chinese Songs in the World; Contestant by invitation in "Dance Smash" season one on Hunan TV and "Dancer" on Dragon TV Main creative staff of large-scale dance-poetry Red. Production Red Light Lantern, So be it entered Germany-hosted international choreography competition "No Ballet"; Mortise-Tenon entered Laiwu International Drama Festival and won most popularity Production Swim Out Till the Sea Turns Blue entered 2021 "Youth Incubation Platform" of Shanghai International Dance Theatre. Individual representative works: About Dreams, I would say…, Life, Life, Sear, etc. HenryPrincipal of Slipper Project. 2014-2019 employed by Caster Shanghai, 2017 ALL ASIA WAACKING FESTIVAL Champion of China division, represented China to compete at Asia Finals, 2018 awarded Sino-Dutch International Dance Festival Scholarship to studied abroad at Amsterdam, 2017 and 2019 Guest Performer at If There were Only Chinese Songs in the World. Led team to participate in television shows Dance Smash on Hunan TV, Dancer on Dragon TV, Dance in Step on Shenzhen TV, Mentor of Youku-made television program Street Dance of China contestant training camp. Creative Entertainment Lab (CEL) by School of Creativity and Art, ShanghaiTech UniversityCEL is committed to deep learning, virtual digital human, new media interaction, VR/AR/MR/XR and other technologies, and the exploration of new forms of creative entertainment (variety show, film and television, animation, games, live entertainment, online video, etc.) and immersive experience. Multi-disciplinary Artificial Reality Studio (MARS) by School of Information Science and Technology, ShanghaiTech UniversityWe target top-tier research of artificial intelligence, light field stage, motion capture, intelligent relighting, VR/AR. We constantly devote ourselves to upgrade the application of technologies in various fields. At present, we are focusing on exploring the application of cutting-edge computer vision technology in film and television production and mass entertainment market.

Dance 2021

Contemporary Dance - What Can I Hold You With

In the year 1934, the Spanish-speaking writer Jorges Luis Borges penned two untitled English poems. He perhaps never had imagined that one poem would one day turn out to be one of his most widely-read pieces. The poem was later titled What can I hold you with? by readers. The namesake modern dance choreography is an homage to the Borges poem. Choreography, like poem, opens up room for interpretation by leaving certain things unsaid. Obsessed with the unconventional words used by Borges, the choreographer made textual, contextual and intertextual explorations between the lines and created this performance, which is a collage of five standalone sections, each exists in its own imaginative world: a world of memories, a world about the winding of time, or a world based on a ridiculous illusion. Using the language of dance to interpret the poetic words, What can I hold you with is conceived as a collection of short stories told in the form of contemporary dance. What can I hold you with? Like Borges answered in his poem, "I offer you that kernel of myself that I have saved somehow - the central heart that deals not in words, traffics not with dreams and is untouched by time, by joy, by adversities." Cui JianPostgraduate student of Shanghai Theatre Academy. Choreographer, musical choreographer and theater body design and direction. Participation in dance works: Salome, Between, Dream of Zen, The Name of the Rose, etc. Invited to participate in various art festivals which include the Algerian International Contemporary Dance Art Festival, Twelve Days of Chinese Dance at the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing New Dance International Art Festival, Beijing Youth Drama Festival, Beijing International Design Week. Mandarin version of musical The Lion King as dance captain and Swing. Participation in musical Beauty and the Beast, A Gentlemans Guide of Love and Murder. Art West Bunds The Sound of Musical as dance director. Immersive theater The Message, Dance poems The Soul of Water as choreographer. Major works: Hide and Seek, Celebrating the Meaninglessness, The Fifth Day. Tang YupeiChoreographer and Dancer, Executive Art Director of the Beijing 9 Contemporary Dance Theater. As a choreographer, Tang had the privilege to cooperate with many talented artists both at home and abroad, including Jorge Crecie, Risima Risimkin, Eyal Dadon, Milan Kozáne, Zhang Yimou and Chao Ke, etc. Also, Tang was invited to participate in various art festivals around the world, which include the Dutch International Dance Art Festival, 7th Algerian International Contemporary Dance Art Festival, 16th Skopje Dance Art Festival, EXODOS Art Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Goyang Karawang Art Festival, Tel Aviv Dance Festival in Israel, Twelve Days of Chinese Dance at the National Centre for the Performing Arts; Beijing New Dance International Art Festival. The work of Inception won the official selection award of 92Y Mobile Dance Film Festival in 2021, R.E.M. won the grand prize of EXODOS Art Festival in Ljubljana. Major works: Freezed Frame, Fleet of Time, Insider, The Fifth Day.

Dance 2021

Original Crossover Stageworks - Idyllic Lives

A subversive work that defies all logic and upends your cognition where stage performers use their body languages to the full to construct the absurd theme of ldyllic Lives. By playing contemporary art crossovers, where spatial installations dance to live improvisational music performances, and through stage performers full-on exploration of improvisational body languages and body vibes, the work takes a brand new approach and interprets the "ldyllic Lives" in the eyes of contemporary folks, and re-deconstructs the "Poetic Philosophy" as in Jiangnan Culture, manifesting different concepts of different people and social struc-tures, and bringing the audience a mind-blowingly magnificent body show unveiling relationships between different characters. Cheng LongChoreographer / Teacher / Dance Improviser, Lecturer in Dance Institute of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music. Bachelor and Master Degree both of Choreography from Beijing Dance Academy: Master of improvisational Dance Stud-ies, Temple University, USA, Winner of "National Special Art Talent Training Program" sponsored by China Scholarship Council; Bronze Prize Winner of Choreography in the 13th Inter-national Ballet Competition and Contest of Choreographers(2017). In 2018, Cheng Long was commissioned by the 7th Hangzhou International Contemporary Drama Festival to create the work Physical Emotions of Madmen. Cheng Long s work Go Ashore was nominated for the 11th China Dance Lotus Award for Modern Dance and was selected into the 1st China Dance Outstanding Works Collection in 2019. Cheng long has long been deeply engaged in dance improvisation, environmental dance and crossover works. She has been commissioned to create works for many international and domestic art festivals and drama festivals. Her creativity is multi-faceted, with an amazing sense of contemporaneity. Major works: Commissioned work(Feature-length) Physical Emotions of Madmen; Crossover work of Joint Cooperation(Medium-length) Live Together ; Spring , River , Flower, Moon, Night ; The Twist of Time ; Joint Dance Video Chaos Theory 3.0.

Dance 2021

Drama - What a Night

A troupe of fairies from the Cupid family come to a moonlit forest to help a pair of young lovers start courting, yet they make series of mistakes. Misfits fall in love because of the fairies. Now the Cupids are trying to make amends, and its a night of chaos and lamentable comedies. The play, which is adapted from Shakespeares classic comedy, A Midsummer Nights Dream, explores the mystery of love - why do you avoid saying "I love you" when you meet someone you really love? Why are you a daredevil and have no scruples when you know it is unreal? Who controls emotions inside us? Does "I love you" come from your conscious mind or subconscious mind? Wang JueBachelor in History at Fudan University; Art Director of Fudan Drama Troupe; Director and Screenwriter of variety shows such as Chinas Got Talent, The Voice of China, So You Think You Can Dance, Great challenge, etc.; Vice-General Director of the anniversary virtual concert for LifeAfter, a NetEase game; Director of the launch event for NetEase 520 Game Loving Day; Director of 2019, 2021 and 2021 bilibili Macro Link offline concerts. He has been working as a director who devotes himself to drama education for students for years, and has served as dramaturgy, director and protagonist in many plays. Zhou TaoAssociate Professor at Fudan University Art Education Center; Master in the Directing at Shanghai Theatre Academy; Director of Shanghai Student Drama Experiment Center; Winner of Chinese Theatre Award - Campus Drama Screenplay; Selected into the "Rising Artists Training Program" of the 7th Shanghai Literature and Art Award; Member of the Expert Committee of Leading Group of Shanghai Major Literary and Artistic Creations; Member of China Theatre Association; Director of Shanghai Theatre Association; Former host of the Five-star Sports Channel in Shanghai Satellite TV. The dramas he wrote and directed have won the Outstanding Drama Award of Chinese Theatre Award - Campus Drama, for five consecutive years, and he has won the first prize of the Chinese College Students Art Exhibition in drama category, for four consecutive sessions. His creations, Richard II, Cross, A Game of Two Cities, etc., were selected for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Australian Fringe Festival.

Drama 2021

An Oral History Theatrical Work - A Brief Herstory of Beauty

"All history is the history of individuals." A Brief History of Beauty is an oral history theatrical production combining elements of stage performance, live music, videography, and other theatrical tricks and techniques to portray an ordinary womans memory of youth and her compelling life story. In the year of 1952, protagonist in the story, Huang Yueping, was born at No. 50 Changle Road, Luwan District, Shanghai. She was admitted to the Dance Department of Peoples Liberation Army Art Academy at a young age of 13, and shortly after, she was assigned to the famous North Sea Fleet Art Troupe during the Cultural Revolution. Huang Yueping did not return to Shanghai until the early 1980s. After being transferred to civilianwork, she helped create the fashion modeling team of Shanghai Garment Company, which was Chinas first fashion modeling team. Huang Yueping pursues beauty and has been seeking something different and unique all her life. The play follows her from the 1950s to the Reform and the Opening up and with each step she takes, she was at the forefront of Chinas beauty scene. This cutting age woman walks calmly, composedly, sincerely and bravely. It is her courage that has awakened a new sense of beauty in contemporary China. And the awakening of beauty, in essence, means the revival of the "truth" in China. The play is centered around restoring a venue that has disappeared from the physical world on the theatrical stage, and recovering a real but delicate piece of memory, demonstrating the defiance to oblivion. After all, memory is the most precious treasure individuals have. As time goes by, memory deposits into history and extends into culture. Urban and technological progresses, in each and every second, seem to force us to forget about the past and forge ahead, and the mission of theatres, is to tell us that we shall never forget. Bao HanTheater curator, freelance writer, member of Shanghai Youth Literature and Art Federation, program director of Shanghai Young Theatre. Bao Han was the creative consultant of the play Blossoms, screenwriter of the film The Operation at Dawn which won the 11th the Best Works Award, producer of Tennessee Williamss play 27 Wagons Full of Cotton which was specially commissioned by the Asian Directors Theatre Festival, producer of Jean-Genets work The Ba/cony which was presented at the Power Station of Art in Shanghai, curator of the Shanghai-Hong Kong Theatre Exchange Project under the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, cura-tor-in-chief of the "Drama Theory" lecture series of the Shanghai Mass Art Institute, producer of V+ Theatre. Bao Han won the title of Best author of Xinmin Evening News in 2003. She has published more than 100 articles in periodicals and magazines such as Book Town, Fiction World, Shanghai Theatre, Xinmin Evening News, The Opera, Dance Gazette etc.

Drama 2021