Visual Drama “Dragon”Oct.24th 19:15; Oct.25th 14:00 19:15  STA Theatre

China and UK cooperation production, international actors.


Dragon is a fantastic show with vivid imaginations for audiences of all ages. An extraordinary visual story told without words, featuring puppetry, illusion and original music.


Dragon is a story without borders and will inspire children on dealing with life's setbacks, how to overcome negative emotions, and how to gain courage of living a positive life. Through the magic stage effect, the show will bring children and their parents into an unparalleled experience and endless touching moments. The first performance of the show was last October in the UK, followed by 23 performances on tour all over the country with international audiences. Within only half a year, the show stood out from among hundreds of works, and has won five awards nominations from the top British theatre awards among which the Critics’ Awards For Theatre In Scotland (CATS). It is the first time for a production in cooperation with Chinese theatre received this honor in CATS.

written by Oliver Emanuel