Drama Waiting for Farewell  

On March 8, 2014, an airplane disappeared inexplicably from the planet. All 239 people on the passenger plane had no news. Five years have passed and the plane is still missing. The missing things were investigated for several years, and the relevant departments have given up. The only family members who did not give up looking for the victims were none of them who believed that their loved ones had died. Because of long waits and anxiety, many families have been confirmed to suffer from depression, delusions and a variety of mental illnesses. The story begins with this background.

A psychiatrist is treating a patient with severe paranoia due to the disappearance of the plane. The patient is addicted to the thoughts of her husband, thinking about living in some of the life fragments. But when she was awake, the hopeless wait would reappear, and she even showed self-harm. So there are two contradictions in the doctor who treated her. Will forgetting be more humane than healing?