The experimental theater "yongshun"  

"Yongshun, 37, a poor, no only no skill, childless, old age in the home, but his wife America laguna, and injustice. No thought report, decided to accept their bags, besides prostitution, as a eunuch. But this creature, the destruction, the eunuch, became emperor, that day to wash the body, in addition to hair, shave beard, repaired. Dragon robe to add body, alone. But this palace deep courtyard, alone a person, a bird in the cage, is at the mercy, not taste. One day, giving instruction, save one, named Dan baby, different people, Dan baby true words like straws, yearning. Can this feral yongshun, always in the dark, eyes clean ear, rare humble coward. He killed Dan baby, also killed Dan baby."

Drama style
Director : Sun Haocheng
Playwright:Hong Qianyun