The villa2015/10/24 14:30 19:30  Shanghai Lanxin Theater


What is the genre of The Villa?

Thriller.... Or romance. Or comedy. Or none. Or all.

What do you need to bring to see the play?

A ticket, and your brain (preferably with some exercises in detective stories).

How to see the play?

Stare.  (Even if you blink just once, the truth will slip away under your eyes.)

What is the link that binds the two stories?

Just stare, then you'll know...Or are there two stories?

Why are there two performances?

Just so that you can watch the show again in the evening, if you miss things at the matinee (which you will).


⑵ Artist Profile

ZHUANG Yi (Director)

Playwright, songwriter, actor, and poet working in both Chinese and English. Artistic Director of Hit Please Theatre Company. After graduating from National University of Singapore with an honors degree in English Literature, he was trained to be a musical actor at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, UK, following which he finished a Masterdegree in Modern European History at University of Cambridge. His main works include Deng Shichang (Shanghainese Opera), The Legend of Zhenhuan (play), The Villa (play), The Moon Opera (Dance Theatre), One Thousand Springs (Musical), Xidi's Tooth Adventures (Musical), and Lin Whei-Yin (Opera).

Hit Please

International theatre group, Hit Please, consists of group members from prestigious theatre academy in UK, presenting quality bilingual theatres (Chinese and English) in the Great China Region, Europe and America. The artistic director of Hit Please Theatre Group, Zhuang Yi, has brought new light to the theatre group by infusing Western theatres with unique Eastern aesthetics.