Physical Theatre - 123·45Oct.19th,2014  East Rehearsal Room, STA

Walking in prosperous cities, we played the roles of A, B, C and D in other's eyes, to be home mortgage slaves, car slaves and "office building slaves".  How much time could we provide to ourselves?  Accidents happened every day and speed being prioritized seems to be a way of modern life.  Memories and beauty in our heart is almost dead, in our formula of pursuing external things.


Huang Xin

She has graduated from Master Degree of Dance in Shanghai Theatre Academy and focuses on dance performance and creation, currently is engaged in directing and teaching in dance in Jia Xing College.  Some of her works such as Time and Journey have gained success in Beijing, Shanghai, Hang Zhou, etc.  ln2007, she had participated in great music epics performance of Himalaya as the main actress; and she had also acting as a screenwriter and director for various kinds of grand evening parties.