Experiment Kinqu Opera InscriptionOct.18th - 19th,2014  New Space Theatre, STA

  Shen Yili graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy as a drama performance major and has had leading roles in Peony Pavillion, Palace of Eternal Youth, The Jade Hairpin, The Story of Sima Sheug-yu, Pei Shaojun and Li Qianjun and participated in opera highlights such as Dream in the Deserted Garden, Pursuit of a Dream and The Drunk Beauty. Shen Yili also participated in performances and lectures in Britain, France, Spain, America, Taiwan and Hong Kong, to actively promote the development of Kunqu Opera. 

  Inscription is adapted from the traditional Kunqu opera Soup For Treatment of Jealousy. It tells the story of woman in civilian clothes, Qiao Xiaoqing, who has both talent and beauty, but is sold to a man as his concubine and has to suffer the wrath of jealous wives. This work concentrates on the role transformation in Inscription. The performer plays different roles, transforming from Qiao Xiaoqing, to Du Linaing and others, and then back to Xiaoqing. In the 20-minute performance, a folded drama appears with many fascinating transformations.