Theatre - An Expressionless Man Oct.18th - Oct. 19th,2014  East Rehearsal Room, STA

K and S met by chance on the subway.  Later, S found out that they were neighbors in the same residential community, and K has had an eye on her in a social networking website for a long time.  It was then that their relationship started to change.  K had a strange disease, which lost him the ability to smile and made him the subject of ridicule.  He desperately tries to recover his ability to smile and plans to meet someone who might be able to help him.  Can he recover his smile?  What will happen between him and S?  A confusing and intriguing situation follows.


Shang Lei

As a screenwriter and director, Shang Lei graduated from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Peking University in 2007.  His drama works include What was Make-believe has Become Reality, The Birthday Party, Ulysses in Mental Hospital, Love's Conditional Expression, Expressionless Person, Hamlet Sonata and many others.  In July 2012, he was among in the final 6 of the 'Tian Qinxin New Writing Plan'and went to the National Theater of Scotland in Britain.  Hamlet Sonata was presented in the Beijing Fringe Festival, and publicly shown in No.9 Theater in Beijing in December that same year.