Multimedia Theatre The M FeastOct.18th - 19th,2014  Black Box Theatre, STA.

  The play takes Mr. M’s feast as its context. The invited guests (the audience) are asked to join the Wechat group through two-dimensional code scanning. The mysterious Mr. M uses voice commands and randomly selects seven people from the Wechat group. The selected seven are guests of the feast from different social classes and they attend the feast with different purposes. During the play they conduct hypocritical social performances of ‘the upper class’ at first, but then fight crazily for the so-called mysterious gift. Sartre once said: others are the hell. The law of the jungle among animals and human beings’ greed and desire were reflected vividly in the play, and the hypocrisy of the seven people gradually fades with Mr. M’s game instructions. This is a story of crime and punishment, the third eye, a mysterious Mr. M and then the strange diners. How will everything end?