YU XIANGJUN Piano-Hypermedia Recital  

Nirvanais a piano-hypermedia concert series. It was initiated by young Chinese pianist Yu Xiangjun who studied both in China and Germany. The program of Nirvanamainly focuses on contemporary piano repertoire, especially those with structural tension and sonic expressiveness. Nirvanatries to combine the aesthetics of piano and the vividness of new media art to promote contemporary music with various art forms and technology. The concert continues to present a mixture of various media including piano, electronic music, interactive lighting, graphic scores and responsive visuals. The medialized performance creates a visible and kinetic spatial effect, transforming the musical interpretation into an immersive music experience beyond hearing. The piano music of four Chinese and Western composers from different periods forms an interesting sense of dialogue with the visual interaction design by new media artist, Da Yan. It is not only a dialogue between different musical styles of China and the West, but also a dialogue of creative aesthetics across media and time.


PROGRAM (subject to change)

Makrokosmos (Volume I &Volume II, excerpts) / George Crumb

Vibration of the Heavens / Zhibo Xu  Commissioned by RAW - CSIAF

Three Etudes-tableaux  No.3 / Qing Shao

China Gates / John Adams