Holographic Projection Costume Show Twins  

In the 18th century, the German classical philosopher Kant proposed the philosophical concept of “thing-in-itself”, referring to an objective entity that exists outside of people's feelings and understanding. He believes that people's perceptual knowledge is produced by the influence of foreign objects. People can only understand the phenomenon that foreign objects act on the senses. We will explore and express the philosophical concept of “thing-in-itself” through the combination of costumes and holographic projection. Through the holographic projection technology, the physical costumes are divided into virtual three-dimensional images. This image cannot be touched and perceived, and can be compared to an objective entity that exists outside people's feelings and understandings, that is, the “thing-in-itself”. In the concept of costume design, we get inspiration from traditional styling and refine it. Using traditional techniques such as tie-dyeing, weaving, and crocheting, combined with the scientific and technological strength of holographic projection technology, the sense of simplicity and the sense of science and technology are intertwined to create a fantastic parallel world.