How many years have passed?

How many songs were there in the past?

The familiar face of the past;

Go away slowly.

Unforgettable, unforgettable, unforgettable

Everything that used to be is fading away.

The song of fighting youth of the excellent sons and daughters of the Chinese nation ushered in the light of victory of the five-star red flag.

The work revolves around the "Five Stars" symbol on the Five Stars Red Flag, with the themes of "JING GANG SHAN Conference", "Long March", "Arrival in YAN AN", "War of Resistance Against Japan", "War of Liberation" and other important symbolic events of the five historical revolutions. Take Chinese excellent traditional folk dance as the performing style. From a unique point of view, it integrates the current national dance, revolutionary spirit, past songs and battlefield dispatch into the Red Five-Star Road under the Five-Star Red Flag, actively publicizes the present and reproduces the revolutionary spirit. Wake up the burning red memory, generation after generation of the song of faith, always inspire us to walk on the road of the Red Five Stars, never forget.