Themed Charity Exhibition Xi Mi  

The "Xi Mi" themed public welfare exhibition featured cute cats in the campus, which was presented through visual forms such as photos, texts, video, paintings and cultural creations.

The content mainly focuses on the life photos of the kittens on campus, the story of their adoption and the interaction between the life of the caring alumni who adopted them. During the exhibition, there will also be a charity sale around "Xi Mi" culture and creation created by the team, promotion of "Xi Mi" love activities, and appeal to more people to save small animals with love.

The cats of Shanghai Theatre Academy are the unique scenery in the campus. The love for animals shows the students' different charm under the stage. Not being selfish and offering love actively enhances the individual's sense of responsibility and makes them more aware of the value of life. To be a healthy "person" before making art is the order of our predecessors. Our project, in the creation of art, integrates the theme of caring for life and delivering warmth, which is just a kind of compliance and embodiment of the precepts in this new era.