Puppet show Come Across In Childhood  


Shanghai Happy Horse Puppet Theater Activity Center 

Shanghai Happy Horse Puppet Theater Activity Center is associated by Professional Puppet Acting Team; Professional Children Theater Team; Children Educational Team; is one of the best puppet theater group in Shanghai. Hobby Horse Puppet Theater is dedicated into inheriting and developing Chinese traditional puppetry culture; as well as running a program called "Youth Puppetry Training Organization " which is going to develop more of the Youth's members to understand and develop the puppetry art.

In recent years, Happy Horse produced over one hundred public performances in Shanghai and performed in over fifty schools. Happy Horse has also been showed up in some local TV Channel such as Shang Hai Oriental Local TV Channel on the program called Xiao Ao Jiang Hu, Guang Dong Local TV Channel Puppet Movement and etc.


Come Across In Childhood is a story about love and growth. In the story, there are two papermen fall in love with each other. From the first encounter and acquaintance then being brave for pursuing love and end up as a sweet love, just like everyone else having their first love. It presents the pure love belong to everyone.

Come across in Childhood is not as same as the traditional puppet show, it is a new element puppet show by creativities, using the abandon paper to create paperman to present the shyness, movement and love emotions and so on. Even though this is a dumb show without dialogue in the story with, it is full of romantic love.