Drama The Dagger  


Yu Drama Studio

Yu Drama Studio established in 2016 spring, set up by a group of young people who have a dream and enchanted by theatre to declare a  formal war to life and chase the good future of the art world of theater. It was composed of all departments' students of Shanghai Theatre Academy and theater lovers in society aiming to analysis classical from a modern perspective and give a new life to play by using diverse methods. In the meantime, they are also keeping questing and studying the creation of theater arts and the training of performance art. We will try our best to build the steps to theater art palace and move forward step by step.


[Everyone has a “dagger” given by the lord in his hand. However, does protection mean to hurt someone else by using our dagger?]

This is a story which time and space are highly abstracted. The story is about a mother who lost her daughter in the war and a young handsome war criminal. They are standing from different points of view to face the cruel justice and the hatred of kindred, which caused them to fight each other with dagger……This is the allegory about humanity and truth. Also, this adaption pays more attention to another different perspective which enforces the main thought of “the dagger”, an invisible weapon that everyone owns. It also focuses on the story of salvation between the mother who would die to protect her child and the soldier who kills for survival.

We may hurt people around us unconsciously by releasing our weapon in order to defend our faith and protect  our love that is deep inside of hearts. After that, yet we still try to justify this guilt by getting it a reasonable ground……Is humanity been used by this dagger or, on the contrary, it uses dagger? How can we define “right” or “wrong”?