Drama SLICES  

On an extremely cold winter night, the freezing senator Mr. Marcel appears on the bed of Margaret, the maid, all out of a cause for keeping himself warm. The maid is driven away by the senator's wife who does not know the truth. Amidst misunderstanding, the sudden death of Mr. Marcel, a blasting fuse, ignites all the conflicts. And all the stories begin around his death……

The characters in this play, such as Marcel’s drug-addicted daughter, Mrs. Marcel with a bruised heart and the maid Margaret, are full of contradictions. Amidst the surging undercurrent of drama and emotions, the truths behind all mysteries, start to reveal themselves. The “truth” as told by each character depicts different stories around Mr. Marcel: The tensions in his family, the wife crying about the heartbreakingly painful surgery, and the nonchalant husband who seems in love with another……Is there any secret behind all these? What’s exactly the truth behind Marcel’s death?

The play depicts the protagonist’s overlap of destinies under different “masks” through a multiple narrative method. Slices of life, slices of emotions, slices of mysteries…… The "Rashomon" kind of truth is sketched out with fragments of memories of different characters. The chameleonic actress Ofelia plays multiple characters in this play, another worth-noting highlight. Her flexible switch between different roles injects into the play plentiful layers and exciting suspense and twists.