Music and New-Media Vibration of the Heavens  


Vibration of the Heavens focuses on all kinds of "Extensive-organism" in the dimension of urban space-time: air, water, light, radio, dust, buildings, crowd, traffic, social media... From the perspective of people living in metropolis, the piece pays attention to the living conditions of themselves and all things around them, explores the relationship between people and their living environment.

Using piano and interactive electronic music to form narrative clues of sound, and extend to different new media artistic elements. The pianist is the initiator of audio/visual perception, the whole theatre space acts as the projection medium. Three sections named light, shadow and image are played continuously, which are shown as follows: the ever-changing of a single thing; the pluralistic relationship between things and the reflection of human beings; the shape of human beings is derived from the shape of everything.

Grateful for this present media age to achieving the extension of music and the transcendence of sound over hearing. Applying the artistic language belonging to this age to arouse people's confused feelings and establish a keen connection between the past and the future. Looking downward, we are small in the modern metropolis, shining all things with the light of sound.