Allegorical Drama Catch Shadows  

This is a story within a story within another story. There was an island called Shadow Kingdom which located in Southeast Asia in ancient times. The islanders caught shadows for their King. Only in this way they could stand for their lives. A shadow puppetry artist came to this island by chance. During days performing for the King, he found the secret of the Shadows and the King. At the same time, the artist developed some romantic connection with the Blind Queen……After all, the artist became a New King, but he had no chance to enter the world of Shadow Puppetry.

The work combines Chinese traditional puppetry and other contemporary theater elements. In this play, I want to explore themes like the battle between Small Character and Mr. Big, individual living and the trend of times. What you really desire may become a heavy crown as well as a chain that imprisons you. In the end, the crown becomes your shadow and it will never leave you.