Drama:The Broken10.21-22 14:30/17:30  



In 263, the state of Wei attacked Shu. The king of Shu, Liu Shan, decided to surrender. At a time of national death. Zhuge Zhan, the son of Zhuge Liang, is expected by the world. It is a shame that he did not inherit his father's wisdom. He is weak and ineffectual. How will he choose to face the road of fate and nature? Or he couldn't help it.

As the son of Zhuge Liang, the former prime minister of God, Zhuge Zhan was the chief minister of the state, the son-in-law of the emperor, and he enjoyed the honor and honor of all the people. Therefore, he was taken for granted that he had to be martyred when the country was broken. But what exactly are these principles? Whether these principles really make sense? These are the questions we want to talk about.