WowoOct. 19th - 20th, 2013  STA Duanjun Theatre

  In the play, Wowo and Wowow woke up on the first day and found themselves in a very high place. Not only did them confused that why they were on the despair high attitude, but also found themselves unable to speak. The only yelling they could make and connect themselves was the sound “Wo~Wo~” from far away. Wowo only had a rope and tied a knot every day, while Wowow only had a cage that could grow a paper plane every day and he threw the plane out of the platform again and again. After 651 days, would they get out of the despair?

  The platform on the despair high attitude remains people of the skyscrapers in the city or cliffs in the nature, and symbolizes the unconquerable despair in human’s subconscious, which means that even though it is not as difficult as in imagination, the majority choose to escape it.

  The play explores the connections among people in modern society through urban allegorical grotesque forms of expression and contradictory stage space. In the play, Shadow Puppet, the traditional element, is presented by high technology and fully engages in the play, which has added the grotesque and fairy tale feeling to the performance. The real-time interaction between the theater actors and Shadow Puppet operators results in many effects including environment romance, the reflection of inner heart of characters as well as the dialogue of virtual characters. It even makes breakthrough in presenting the exquisite beauty of simplicity and stunning visual effects.