Kunqu Opera and Physical Theatre - Spinning TopOct. 19th - 20th,2013  Duanjun Theatre, STA

The work starts with short plays, Nv Diao and Nan Diao, presenting that in the opening of a social drama, people express thanks to the god and expel evil spirit; and takes the performance of social drama depicted in Lu Xun’s essay Wuchang Nvdiao as a cut-in point.  The work combines opera, acrobat, modern dance and percussion together as the basic performance means, expresses the feeling of helpless, confusion of identity, depression of trapping in and psychological confrontation in allegorical way.  Audience will expose to the dream of author directly and experience a grotesque story that sometimes seems true and sometimes illusion.


Ding Yi

Ding Yi, graduated from Shanghai Traditional Opera School, studied Chinese traditional Performing arts - Beijing Opera, Kunqu Opera at young age (almost 20 years now), including Sheng( main male role), Dan(young and beautiful female role).  She obtained Master Degree of Arts from Shanghai Theatre Academy in 2010.  She was invited to compose theater new opera and perform modern dance: in 2009, she was the director of Du Liliang in The Pavilion Of Peony performed in the ancient stage of Three Mountains Assembly Hall; in 2010, she was invited to be technical director of new historical play, The Purple Hairpin, of Guangdong Foshan Cantanese Opera Theatre; in 2011, she was invited to be the movement coach of Landscape Huang Gongwang, the Shaoxing Opera play.  In 2012, She was invited by Shanghai Jinxing Dance Theatre to perform modern dance Shanghai Tango in America and signed with the Dance Theatre to become a modern dancer at the same year.  Her modern dance works are Mystery and Charming Shanghai, China Project, Sudoku and etc.


Lu Ge 

Lu Ge studied gymnastics in his 5 years old, and turn to study acrobatics in 11 years old, when he was 17, he doubted the changeless drills and performance.  At the same time, he was inspired by a modern dance teacher, completely changed the view of actor as a profession, and became an actor and artist in real sense.  He believed that comparing with skills that could use body freely, more important is one’s own ideas and creation.  Half year later, he wrapped up in acrobatic troupe and went to Shanghai Jinxing Dance Theatre to learn modern dance.  During the 9 years of modern dance training and international tour, he was exposed to and learned different kinds of art expressions.  He furthered his study of theatre performance in Shanghai Theatre Academy and learned new circus in Royal Academy of Dance in Stockholm early or later.  Currently, he works with others to open a physical theatre studio, focusing on new theatre combining acrobat, opera, dance and theatre.