Spinning TopOct. 19th - 20th,2013  Duanjun Theatre, STA

  The work starts with short plays, Nv Diao and Nan Diao, presenting that in the opening of a social drama, people express thanks to the god and expel evil spirit; and takes the performance of social drama depicted in Lu Xun’s essay Wuchang Nvdiao as a cut-in point. The work combines opera, acrobat, modern dance and percussion together as the basic performance means, expresses the feeling of helpless, confusion of identity, depression of trapping in and psychological confrontation in allegorical way. Audience will expose to the dream of author directly and experience a grotesque story that sometimes seems true and sometimes illusion.


  Director: Lu Ge, Ding Yi, Fang Yuanyuan

  Editor: Ding Yi, Lu Ge

  Performers: Lu Ge, Ding Yi, Zhu Hai, Guo Yuanlong, E Yuexian,Huang He,

  Bian Guan,Yuan Bin,Wu Xinyao

  Composer: Wei Zhigong

  MIDI Producer: Sun Jiayan

  Costume Design: wherewhatwho (Independent Designer Brand)

  Props Design: Bian Guan

  Dresser: Jian Peimin

  Plan: Wu Xinyao

  Special thanks to Jinxing Dance Theatre