Mime 《40 Years of Silence》2015/10/22 19:30  Shanghai Lanxin Theater

 40 Years of Silence


The renewed version of 40 Years of Silence consists of 13 short stories of sorrow, tenderness and delight. It is a brilliant work that leads you through Mime Bizot’s 40 years of silence with tear and laughter.


 “My art comes from my audience, therefore I would reward them ten times with my art. I can be a man, women, a bird, a dog …after dressing up, I would be a mirror for people to reflect their own feelings. No matter in Africa or France, dressing up as a Chinese farmer or Bolivian worker, sorrow and joy are universal for everyone.”Claims the multi-faced artist, “Mime is my life, to which my love surpasses everything”.


⑵.   Artist Profile

Philippe Bizot (Director/Mime Actor)

Philippe Bizot is widely acknowledged as the first class mime artist in the world. Encouraged by Jean-Louis Barrault, a master at mime directing and  acting, he self-taught and practiced his mime art in intimate theatres in Paris and Bordeaux.He won the gold award of international mime at the age of 20, and has been traveling around the world to teach acting the art of mime to adults, children, disabled people, and people with autism. He also has founded academies of mime in Bordeaux, Marseille, America, Lebanon, Bolivia and Pakistan.