TAO Dance Theatre 82015/10/23-24 19:30  STA-Theatre



TAO Dance Theatre’s latest creation in 2015, 8, manifests choreographer/artistic director Tao Ye’s study of corporeal arts in his project “numeral series”, exploring the limits and extremes of the body. While the voice element bulks in the former work 7, the rhythms generated as different body parts or bodies in contact take the major role in this episode. In order to achieve the best effect, Tao Ye cooperates with a composer, a sound technician and sound designer to amplify the sound of touching, brushing and beating as the dancers move, seeking to “visualize the rhythms”.


Artist Profile

Tao Ye

Tao Ye, graduated from ChongQing Dance study, and then joined in the cultural troupe of Shanghai Armed Police Force. He went to Jin Xing dance theater in 2003. In 2005, he started his own creation,  having a band with five other contemporary artists, named “Niao”. With his work 《Single》,he participated in our 2005 Shanghai International Arts Festival. There were many Tao’s performances both from home and abroad  from 2006 to 2008, including “Yao”(means change), and “imagination”. The March of 2008,  the Tao Dance Theater was established.  In 2011, invited by the producer Du KeFeng and the rock legend Cui Jian, he performed in the film 《Blue Bone》. He was honored as the top 10 Asian male in the 《Man’s Uno》magazine one year later. Tao was also listed one of the six choreographers of 2014 New Wave Associates by Sadler’s Wells.


Produced by: Tao Dance Theater

Since its foundation, the theater has won world-wide attention, including: Beijing CaoChangDi Arts Festial, ZhongMei Arts Festival, week of modern dance in Beijing and Guangzhou, and Shanghai Power Station of Art. In all, their performance reached 40 well-known events such as Amsterdam Arts Festival and Sadler’s Wells.


Tao Dance Theater was publicized in New York Times for four times, and the first modern dance regiment to be invited to give performance in Lincoln Center Festival and Sydney Opera House. And it is the first time for a modern regiment to have a six-week culture visit in American dance festival.